How to walk with God


2 Timothy 3:16 – All Scripture is given by inspiration of God.

Inspirations – ‘God breathed’. The Word of God is the writings of the Holy Spirit. When we agree with the Word we are in alignment with the Holy Spirit.

The New Testament is a contract written by the Holy Spirit. It could be called the new ‘agreement’. Every time you speak the Word, believe & receive it, you enter into covenant with God.

The Power of God is realized within us when we stop disagreeing with the truth and start agreeing with the Word even when it doesn’t look like it’s working.

Walk with God – agree with Him.

See you in church!

8 thoughts on “How to walk with God

  1. Thanks you for posting this. I love the Word so much . Sometimes I feel like others push it aside too much while seeking the experiences they forgot he is in the Word. Its Nice to see someone actually talking about taking the Word the whole Word in to believe. Thanks

  2. Winnie

    Hi Pastor,
    Thank you for the blog. It’s always such an inspiration for each one of us reading it. Yes, let’s agree with the Word, the promises of truth.
    be very blessed! 🙂
    Cheers, Winnie 🙂

  3. Captain, Totally love the blogs you keep posting… Inspiration Plus!!
    2010 is going to be massive!!! 2020 he we come… ( a cool decade to go)

    All the very best to you always.


  4. II Timothy 3:16 “All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:”

    God’s Holy Word is the instruction manual for life. In it we find doctrine (what is RIGHT), reproof (what is WRONG), correction (how to DO right), and instruction (how to STAY right.) If we don’t look in God’s Word, and learn how to S.W.I.M. (See What It Means), then we run the risk that we might S.I.N.K. (Step In Not Knowing). Spend time reading your Bible each and every day. God’s promise is that it is “profitable.”

  5. reg woodbridge

    dear phil i would like very much to chat with you as you have heard so much i would like to reply.. if you know what i am talking about .ok. i am leaving details off this as we can email or i am willing to call or you can call me. i think you would find a chat very enlightening.and surprising as the things you heard about me,i deserve right to reply. my intentions are purely godly reactions and truth motivated

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