All things work together for good.


Romans 8:28 – ‘And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God.’

Not everything that happens is good BUT, it will work together for good.

No matter what happens in our lives, if we keep ourselves loving God, we will find everything works together for a positive result.

Our ‘knowing’ is the assurance of faith in God’s Word. In the middle of bad circumstances it is hard to see how it could turn out good.

But God makes a way where there is no way (a path through the red sea).

He redeems our mistakes, even our sins and turns it to good, if we will kep loving Him through it all. David sinned terribly with Bathsheba, had her husband killed and tried to cover it all but after he was discovered and he repented, God pardoned and cleansed him.

Solomon was born to Bathsheba!

God makes all things work for good!

See you in church!




Ephesians 1:7 – ‘In Him we have redemption through His blood’.

If we live in Christ we not only are redeemed for eternal life, but also in this life, so our worst mistakes can be turned around to be our greatest victories!

We have this ‘turn around’, right now, not in a few years time.

Believe the Word! We have redemption as our covenant privilege, right now. Our God is a Redeemer!

The price for God to get you back has been paid by Jesus, with His blood. The sign that you are purchased by God, is the ‘seal’ of the Holy Spirit. His Presence in your life is guarantee of redemption in your circumstances, your finances, relationships and spiritual life.


See you in church!




Isaiah 61:1 “The Spirit of Lord God is upon Me, Because the Lord has anointed Me to preach good tidings to the poor.”

There is a reason the Holy Spirit empowers us way beyond just feeling good. There is a ’cause’.

Jesus knew ‘WHY’ the Spirit was upon him. Do you know why the Spirit is upon you?

There are some things we are empowered to do and some things we are not. What are you anointed by God to do? What are you doing that you are not annointed, gifted or empowered to do?

The first task Jesus was anointed to do was to preach, to communicate… and the communication was to be GOOD NEWS for people struggling in life – poor in circumstance, relationship, spirit, mind.

We are anointed to bring GOOD NEWS! Bring good news to people and the anointing will make you effective!

See you in church!