Fresh Consecration



One of the ways that we can get a fresh enthusiasm or a fresh excitement about God, the bible, ministry, or prayer is simply by coming to the altar again and putting our lives back in that place of surrender. As the years roll by, we can so easily drift from that place of consecration. As we do, that fire and enthusiasm we have for living for Christ can get worn out. However, we need to keep that fire alive throughout our Christian walk. The poem below is one I have written on the idea of a fresh consecration. 

The altar has crumbled
Not ashes even remain
Cold, dry rocks mutter faint praise to a forgotten Majesty
Heartless prayers mumbled from mindless lips
Every rite a burden, inconvenient, unwelcome,
but needed.
To qualm guilty obligations and foreboding superstitions

But lightening flashes.
Across blackened heavens
But then a voice, bold with tears
A voice in our wilderness
bringing stormy rain from broken skies
Stinging our dry souls with a water so sweet,
We cannot but drink. All of it.
Our sleeping souls hear His voice from afar
Growing louder all the time
Our ears open wider
We hear again, we feel again
What was dead, rises.
Breath fills these dry bones
My heart is racing with an old love
His Spirit renews my soul
Christ Himself claims my all

To Him, I render my life again
To Him, I raise the cross again
I welcome Him that I resented
The habits so irksome
The ways discarded
Never so sweet did a pain become
When I make it my offering to Him.
Without paying a price we cheapen our Saviour
All only blessed I am spoilt, a child despised.
But obedient and broken
I am not rejected
Christ is the fount of all I am
He is at the depths of all my foundations
He is behind all my reasons.
I breathe for Him.
I live for Him, and for Him I die.
My highest pursuit, none other matching
Is Christ alone,
Nothing compares

The sweetest wine,
The softest oil
The calming balm
The scent of the Rose of Sharon
His presence is yours
Consecrated one
Living your all set apart to Him
Do it now.
Do it today.
Rebuild your broken altar
Bring again the wood for your fire
Now arrange your offering to Him,
Your time, your money, your mouth, your eyes, your hands, your feet
Give them all clean away.
Get them on the altar.
Let nothing remain ungiven.
See if fire will not now fall
Re-firing your soul with passion
A miracle, a sign, a new life, a new wine
A heart racing with new love
A clear, pure mind
Unheavy and floating your soul flies again
With worship, praise and song
Blessed be God
My soul has escaped from the snare,
The trap of the hunter.


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