The Restless Soul



When Jesus sees the multitude of people thronging to hear from Him, He realises they are ‘harassed’, people without a shepherd.

Matt 9:36 (NIV) ‘When he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd.

One of the Bible’s recurring themes is God’s ability to give peace. Of the many reasons we humans are not peaceful, the biggest, is we are troubled in our conscience. No matter how many justifications well meaning people attempt to placate our troubled conscience with, there is within us a God-part, and when we violate that part by doing the wrong thing, no matter how deeply buried that God-part is, we will be tormented with the fact that we have cheated on ourselves.

Integrity is our inner life aligning with our outer life. This is being ‘integrated’, which is harmony between the inner and outer us. We are ‘disintegrated’ when this fails. This breaks our ease in living. It could even be called our ‘dis-ease’. Living with unresolved guilt leaves us in a state of dis-peace. Our inability to live happily with ourselves spills into us having conflict with others. One follows the other. Even though we try to achieve calm within through many different means, meditation, remote places, none can actually deal with the spiritual reality crying out for peace with God.

Our restless soul has it’s own consciousness. It only comes to rest when we are reconciled with God and this can only happen when we repent from sin and we receive forgiveness from God. The payment for our sins has already been made. The only payment that satisfies the penalty for sin is death. Ours! However, in His love for us, God has provided a substitute, His only Son. So when we accept Christ and believe in His substitutionary sacrifice for our sins, a spiritual experience takes place in the deepest parts of our created being and we finally come to rest with God, knowing that all is right and all is well with Him. Our sins have been forgiven and washed from our entire lives. He has imputed to us the perfect life of His only Son, Jesus, as though it were ours. So, all that Jesus has received from God, so have we, even being seated at the right hand of God.

This knowledge should bring us considerable peace!

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