7 Fears That God Dismantles



‘Fear not’ is proclaimed in 365 Scriptures in the Bible. One for every day! The Lord doesn’t want you to be fearful on any one day of your life.

In the book of Isaiah, the prophet clusters seven ‘fear not’s’ together in quick succession. The background is that the Israelites have been dispersed in foreign lands from their homeland for nearly seventy years and now Yahweh’s promise to cause them to return is coming to pass. He is telling them he will use a Gentile, foreign King, Cyrus, to do this. They need not fear because God will keep His Word, His covenant and His promises. On this basis they need not fear anything at all. Their God is reliable and has the power to do anything He wants.

In these Scriptures we can see seven reasons that fear gets a hold of our lives, but then also seven reasons to neutralise those fears. All of those reasons to not be afraid are because God gets involved personally.

  1. Fear of abandonment – ‘I am with you’
  2. Fear of helplessness – ‘I will help you’
  3. Fear of our own mistakes catching up with us. – ‘I am your Redeemer’
  4. Fear of not belonging anywhere – ‘I have bought you, you are mine.’
  5. Fear of being disconnected from family – ‘I will gather your descendants’.
  6. Fear of being left out – ‘I have chosen you’.
  7. Fear of having no significance – ‘You are my witnesses’

Let’s get the magnifying glass on the first line;

Isa 41:10 Fear not, for I am with you;

‘Fear not’. Why not?

‘for I…’

Who is ‘I’?

This is the God who has created the entire universe, the Earth and everything in it. The God that has created every human that has ever lived, giving them life and consciousness. He is the author of eternal life for those choosing to receive it.

He is the same God who guides one man to build and ark that saves his family and a multitude of animals from a flood that covers the entire Earth.

This is the same God that worked with a shepherd called Moses to deliver a nation single-handedly out of 400 years of slavery from the most powerful nation on Earth.

This is the same God who descended to Earth healing every sick person who came to him, cast demons out of the possessed, who stopped a storm with a simple command, who multiplied small amounts of food to feed multitudes.

This is the same God who allowed men to crucify Him, but then who came back to life after three days, rising from the dead ascending into heaven.

This is the same God who came down from heaven on the Jewish festival day, Pentecost, overwhelming the disciples so they began speaking in languages they had never heard.

This is the same God who turned the world upside down then and has been doing the same in millions of people’s lives ever since.

This is the ‘I’, the God who says, ‘fear not, for ‘I’ am with you.’

Life can be lonely, but when God is with us, we do not need to be afraid.

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