Isa 41:10 Fear not, for I am with you;

This Scripture has always spoken so very loudly to me, maybe because I’ve found I regularly need to calm fears of my own, but also I see it as the root cause of so many problems people have. In 1984 I wrote a song called ‘Fear Not’, based on this Scripture, which enjoyed some popularity for a while.

Fear shuts down our gifts, talents, and potential in life. Fear pushes itself into our emotions. Unlike God, fear does not wait for the invitation to enter our lives. Fear simply forces itself on us.

To be free from phobias we have to take charge deciding we will not be afraid, to literally, ‘fear not’.

The power of a fearless life rises from our relationship with the Holy Spirit and the Word of God. If we are filled with the Holy Spirit, the spirit of fear has no place to live. Secondly, if the Word of God lives in us, in our thoughts and hearts, then the words we speak become reality in our lives. The Word of God must reign in us if we are to reign in life.

Why does it need to be stated that God has not given us a spirit of fear? Because the devil works hard to make it feel as though that fear is from God. If we believe that the anxieties we feel are God trying to communicate with us, we open ourselves to that emotion. If Christians can be deceived into believing their fears are from God, then they will be rendered powerless. Know this, any fears you have are not from God. Any voice that accuses you, intimidates you, makes you feel guilty, worried or unsettles you is not from God. It’s the devil. Take your stand, resist the devil and gain the victory over those voices.

Stress, pressure, anxiety, depression, rage, terror and fear are just a few of the words we hear all the time in society today. In the middle of all this we try desperately to seek a restful, peaceful calm for our own souls, for our families and our world. God himself is the peace we seek. There is no other source for genuine peace. It cannot be counterfeited. Jesus, the Prince of Peace, brings this peace to anyone connected to Him. This book is about how we all can have internal peace of the heart, mind and spirit.

You can order the new book Peace by Phil Pringle on my website here.



One thought on “PEACE //

  1. Robert

    I woke up with that fear of the unknown as I am about to start my new job. Then God brought me here – this blog. I felt God just talked to me through each words.

    Thank you Pastor Phil for writing this. I am laughing at myself now for entertaining that fear. I am God’s child and fear has no place in my heart!

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