Jesus As Lord



Jesus is the Lord of this world; his power and grace is boundless. However, all this is pointless to us as individuals if He is just ‘Lord’, and not ‘my Lord’.

We once heard of Jesus the Saviour, and received Him personally, so He became, not just ‘the Saviour’, but ‘my Saviour’. God calls all of us to take the next step and not stay at the beginning of our salvation, continually getting saved from living a life where Jesus is not our Lord. We need to surrender to Him, so He is not only our personal Saviour but also our personal Lord. Knowing Jesus as Saviour is all about what He does for us, but knowing Him as Lord, is all about what we can do for Him. As Saviour, Jesus dies for us. As Lord, we die for Him.

We make Jesus our Lord, not just by praying a prayer or standing on an altar call for surrender. This may be the starting point, but unless He governs how we live our lives, He is not our Lord. This is where He needs to be established as the Lord of the basics in our life, otherwise He will not be Lord of the specifics relevant to our destiny.

There is a lot of teaching about the plan and destiny God has for each of us. All of it is true. God does have an amazing plan for each and every person on Earth, but there is a price tag. The price is obedience. None of us find obedience easy. There’s something within us refusing to bow down to someone else telling us what to do. We clothe our rebellion in a million slippery ways, trying to slide around being obedient to anyone. We ask God to bless us, but sometimes we dare not ask Him whether or not we should proceed with something because we fear He will say ‘no’. We reveal how little we trust Him. Surely if the He says ‘no’, it’s because it’s in our best interest. He loves us, but we’re not sure if we want His kind of love, so we hesitate to ask, ‘Should I marry her?’ ‘Should I marry him?’ ‘Should I move to this other city to take the better paid job?’ Often we simply go right ahead without stopping to ask, and when we’re in a mess afterwards, we ask God to be our Saviour one more time, when if He had been our Lord in the first place we could have avoided the need for saving, and instead of wasting years up a dead end street, we could have been fulfilling an amazing plan, being blessed and being a blessing to others in so many ways.

We need to constantly make sure that we do more than just acknowledge him as Lord of all; we need to institute him as Lord of our life and humble ourselves and live submitted to his divine plan for us.

Thanks for reading this week! If you want to know more about this, or would like to pray with someone about this, why not join us at church this Sunday? We’d love to meet you!

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