Remove The Separation.



Isaiah 59:2 But your iniquities have separated you from your God; And your sins have hidden His face from you, So that He will not hear.

The wrongs we do create a barrier; a film between us and God, us and others, us and ourselves. This is what being ‘lost’ is – being isolated from God, others and ourselves. We become severed, divided and ‘cut off’. Jesus took our ‘cut-offness’, our ‘separatedness’ so that we could connect with God, others and ourselves.

A husband who enters a relationship with another woman will inevitably be cut off from his own wife and family through guilt and through the presence of sin in his life. He will also become lost to himself and his values, not knowing who he is anymore.

Our sins hide God’s face from us, so we no longer are able to see God. Have you ever had someone openly criticise you, then when they see you coming they hide their face. They can’t be face to face with you. Only those born again can see the Kingdom of God. 

Neither will our prayers be answered, because He will not hear. Have you ever had someone who had wronged you but they’ve never apologised even though they’re fully aware of what they’ve done, and then they ask you to help them in another matter? It’s hard to listen to their request when there’s still an unresolved matter at hand. This is what this verse is referring to. When we slip in our values on the inside, our cicumstances slip on the outside. We lose ground. We can spin our wheels but we will have no traction, therefore we lose momentum. Once we regain our values and live morally upright we no longer slip within, therefore we no longer slip and slide without. God’s mercy returns to us giving us traction to move forward in life. We are able to recover lost ground. God does not simply give us what we are trying to achieve however. He gives us methods, strategies and plans by which we can achieve what He has always planned for. What we lost we recover. Those people we lost return or others in their place. Those who took from us bring back, and we recover our lives again. Once the separation between us and our God is removed, His blessing falls richly upon all that we put our hand to.

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