Philippians 1:3 (NLT) Every time I think of you, I give thanks to my God.

What an awesome thing to have the great apostle Paul write to you and say he feels thankfulness rise within whenever he thinks of you.

Every time you remember someone, thank God for them. Think of the positive things about a person and thank God for them.

It’s wonderful when there are people who elicit thanks to God from us without any need for working on it. However, in many situations when we think of people, thanks is possibly the last thing we are thinking of. It’s at these times we also need to ensure we have thankfulness in our hearts. So, whenever we think of people we should simply go ahead and thank God for them regardless of what their impact on our lives has been. This will change our attitude. We will work to see the positive in them. The Holy Spirit is attracted to this attitude and will empower us.

What do your leaders and other people feel when they think of you? Do they feel anxious because you are trouble to them? Do they feel depressed because they have to meet with you? Angry because you have upset them? Awkward because you owe them money? Grief because you vex them? 

Do you want people to love you? Don’t be relying on their unconditional love. Be loveable. Be easy to love, to honour and to admire. Love is work, both giving it and getting it. Work on being the kind of person people thank God for.

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