Meditations on the Holy Spirit


~ The Nature of the Spirit ~

The Holy Spirit is likened in Scripture to oil (1 John
2:27), fire (Acts 2:3), wind (John 3:8), rivers of water
(John 7:37), and a dove (Matt 3:16).

These metaphors reveal what He is like. He is soothing, liberating and lubricating like oil. He sets our personalities free. He enthuses and motivates us with visions and dreams greater than ourselves. Zeal for God burns like fire from the Holy Spirit. He is also like a cleansing, refreshing wind. The dove-like aspect of His personality reveals a gentle nature, pure and harmless. The Spirit, like a dove, does not settle on uncleanness or restlessness. As a river of water He is shown to be thirst quenching, refreshing and cleansing. The Holy Spirit is a living, conscious being with character and personality. He is God.

See you at Presence!

See you at Presence!