When God doesn’t do what you expect


John 16:7 ‘…It is to your advantage that I go away; for if do not go away, the Helper will not come to you; but if I depart, I will send Him to you.’

The disciples could not comprehend how it could be to their advantage if Jesus ‘went away!’  When people we have relied on are not there, we have to rise & discover the gifts, calling & power God has placed in our life.

As long as Jesus was with them, they wouldn’t discover the power of the Holy Spirit for themselves.  Sometimes God doesn’t answer our prayers because He wants us to discover His power in us, answering our prayer.

He goes to sleep in our boat so WE WILL WAKE UP.  We are the answer to our own prayer at times, if we will get up and start being & doing what we are believing for!!

See you in church!

11 thoughts on “When God doesn’t do what you expect

  1. Kylie.

    Oh the joy that floods my soul that he did go and send the comforter… can you imagine walking through life without the Beautiful Holy Spirit…. Look for Gods expression of mercy in unusual circumstances…. abandonment or disappointment and the pain it brings is not a characteristic of God rather it is our lack of interpreting him correctly, that results in undermining our own faith. God is not a man that he should lie, he never leaves nor forsakes. God is good!!

  2. Adrian Joseph

    Awesome stuff.. Reminds me that I need to wake up and start relying more on God to see his power working in my life and through my life.
    Thanks Ps. Phil , eagerly anticipating your first visit to City Harvest Church KL

  3. Nanette

    Gday Ps Phil!
    Guess what. On the 21st of September…I turn 25!
    My birthday with is to have a coffee with you. I know you’re a man in demand, but I’d be stoked!! Anytime, even at some point over the next year lol… You would make my 25th something special. True.
    Hope to hear from you… Nanette, C3 Oxford Falls.
    (ps: I’m up and “doing what I’m believing for”…preach it preacher!)

  4. I’d be just like the disciples, wanting the comfort of whats before me in the flesh… Often seems like we are always being stretched in ‘faith’ to more, (and as much as I know thats Gods character).. I wish Jesus would just walk thru my front door and sit down on my lounge….(yeah have a cup of tea and play guitar with me…)


    If we do what we are believing God for then when do we Let Go? How do we tell the difference between 1 situation and another? Do you have the mind of christ? What is the mind of Christ?

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