Faith or Fear?


“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” 2 Tim 1:7

Fear and all its family of doubt, anxiety, cynicism, dispeace, nervousness, paranoia – does not come from God – even though the devil tries to make us receive fears as though they were from God. That’s why Paul has to tell Timothy – “God has not given us fear…”.

God’s spirit gives us power, love & soundness of mind. – Fear robs us of these.

When we believe we are empowered, when we doubt we are weakened. Faith in God crushes hatred & releases love. Fear confuses our mind. Faith brings peace & calm to troubled heads.

Stay in Faith

Stay out of Fear


See you in church!

6 thoughts on “Faith or Fear?

  1. AWESOME! Love it! That is a huge key to the Kingdom of God – keeping His peace, and keep on believing. The devil hates it, because he knows that’s where our victory is.
    Love it Ps Phil!

  2. Stu

    Thanks Pastor Phil! It helps me when I feel a fear reaction coming on to recognise its origin – makes it easier to reject…

  3. Adam Stanes

    Hi Ps. Phil, thank you for such inspiring words. I only just started reading your blogs the other day, and have recommended them to several people already. My wife Eucale and I are inspired by what you and Chris are doing and love our local church (C3 Belconnen – Ps. Nick and Melissa Hind) and are here to support the 2020 vision. Keep up the great work. Have a terrific day! Adam

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