The fountain within


“… the water I will give him will become a well of water springing up within him for eternal life.” John 4:14

When we drink the water (Spirit) Jesus brings to us, it transforms into a well, a fountain within us bubbling up all day long for eternity. This fountain is worship, prayer, the Life of God which permeates our enitre being – mind – emotions – body.

The devil desperately tries to block up this well because it is the source of God to transform lives.

If your well is blocked by hard attitudes, dirt, dead living, then repent from them, get rid of them & the fountain will begin surging fresh water (LIFE), through your entire system.

Live for God!

See you in Church!

5 thoughts on “The fountain within

  1. Just the word I needed, my well has been blocked up for a few months. I know better, but sometimes (most of the time) God finds it necessary to get a message to us by what ever means are required. At one time it may have been a donkey, these days it’s a blog.

    Thanks Ps Phil.

    ps.. Listened to you preach at Hillsong London one year, only to hear you preach the same message a few weeks later at you Sydney church. God must have known I needed it twice back then. 🙂

  2. Bev Adair

    Hi Ps Phil this is an awesome message, it’s life changing. Love the clear straight way you address real life issues. You’re a courageous leader , its so cool that you go to the heart of what is real and you’re not afraid to call a spade a spade. To get our ‘Best Life’ we have to have that kind of reality in our lives. To keep that fountain flowing through us ‘WE must make choices and take personal responsibility to keep our spirit clean before God. Keep being you keep telling it like it is. So loving the heart

  3. Bev Adair

    What a great message .. what courageous leadership to tell it like it is , we so need to have messages like this …. to live ‘our best life’ we have to make personal choices and take responsibility for our own choices … its the ‘man in the mirror’ that pays for the choices that are made … so lets keep short accounts with God and keep the fresh water flowing thru us … its the best way to live!!!

    Keep being you Ps Phil and keep these messages coming they’re life changing!!


    No more coments or any suggessions because your ministry highly anointed. Grace of our Lord be with you forever. God Bless you Pastor Phil & Pringle and y0ur ministry. My Prayers be with you. Loving Greetings from Pastor, Singer SURESH PHILEO. If you are interested to mail me please…..

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