This is the message


“This is the message which we have heard from Him and declare to you, that God is light and in Him is no darkness at all.” 1 John 1:5

What is the “Message” – This is the message  – ‘God is light’ – This means we need to bring a message that brightens peoples lives. Light gives color,m guidance, warmth, life. We can see & be seen. This means God is positive, not negative, not dark.

In fact, in God, there is no darkness at all, no negativity, no unbelief, doubt or cynicism… but rather He is ‘LIGHT’.

We heard this from Jesus. When people think they are ‘hearing’ from God & they bring fear & despair they are wrong. They purpose of Johns statement is so we can tell what message is from God & what is not. We are to ‘declare’ that God gives hope, faith & love. This is the message!

See you in Church!

7 thoughts on “This is the message

  1. Phil

    Thanks Pastor Phil,

    I’m reminded that the darkness can’t cope in the light. So the more time we spend in His light, we’ll end up glowing with His goodness, His positive nature. Also, while there may be obstacles in life when we have His light they are easier to see. Imagine how much more difficult running a 100m hurdles race would be in pitch black. Countless millions stumble through life because of this. Thank God for His light.

  2. Deborah

    Thanks Phil! This helps with working through the light and dark of our thinking. More of you Jesus!!!! Beautiful redeemer!!

  3. Ruth

    Presence was like turning the light on & spring cleaning. Going thru each room turning the light on & cleaning out stuff didn’t even realize had accumulated. When God flicks on the LIght darkness goes!

  4. Missy

    Thank you for coming to CCC in Brooklyn today!! the word, blessings and energy was well recieved!! please come back soon!!!

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