Let go!


Psalm 46:10 – “Be still, and know that I am God!”

This means, ‘Let go’, ‘stop striving’. When we push & struggle for something to happen we are not ‘resting’ in God doing it.

Include God in the working out of your goals. Listen to Him. ‘KNOW’ what He is doing and align yourself with His direction, pace and timing.

It may take longer and be a different way than you would do it, but trust Him. You can’t build a spiritual Kingdom with the strength of your flesh. This is why people ‘burn out’ get stressed & struggle.


See you in church!

12 thoughts on “Let go!

  1. Thanks, I really needed to read that.The message serves two purposes for me. One is something I thought would be resolved that still isn’t the second is about something that just evolved. The Lord is good how he continues to guide us through his word. . Thanks for the words of wisdom.


  2. Pikey

    A word in season for me, you have no idea. I have been pushing and pushing to break through to a new level. As soon as I read this I immediatly relaxed and realised what I needed to do. Let go and let God. Thankyou.
    PS I love your thoughts.

  3. Thx Ps Phil,

    I really feel God is telling me to ‘wait’ on him. Thx for reminding me of that point.

    “you cant build a Spiritual Kingdom with the strength of the flesh” = Simple but Great point.

  4. LY

    Thank u Pst Phil! (3 love ur posts. They are soo encouraging and great reminders. Thanks for strengthening me with God’s word. I needed that. (3 With much love. (3 Can’t wait to see u in SG!! (3

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