Proverbs 4:25 – Let your eyes look straight ahead, and your eyelids look right before you.

In a world with a thousand option it’s not hard to get distracted.

You can’t walk or run your course looking sideways at how others are running, or looking back letting the past ruin your present or future.

Focus is essential for achieving your dream. This is discipline.

Without focus the dream won’t materialise.

Staying focussed and undistracted is more about what you don’t do! Say NO to the things that distract you from your goal.

See you in church!

4 thoughts on “Focus

  1. Reuel Eugene

    Hi Pastor Phil. Great entry sir!

    Indeed Focus is the key to the fulfillment of dreams. We gotta stay focused and not deviate when pursuing our dreams. Please keep blogging to inspire!

  2. kiki

    Thx u Ps.Phil,
    This my first time open ur blog,keeping focus to achieve my dream,this share make me bravely entering 2010
    God bless you,inspire me ,thx u so much

  3. Suman Sam Suresh

    Blessing God for you. Your simple, thought-proving, unique insight into the scriptures are a blessing! Your talented & gifted for His glory and as you exhibit His glory in all you say and do (paint) be fruitful & multiply! Thank you & God bless you!!!

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