Isaiah 61:1 “The Spirit of Lord God is upon Me, Because the Lord has anointed Me to preach good tidings to the poor.”

There is a reason the Holy Spirit empowers us way beyond just feeling good. There is a ’cause’.

Jesus knew ‘WHY’ the Spirit was upon him. Do you know why the Spirit is upon you?

There are some things we are empowered to do and some things we are not. What are you anointed by God to do? What are you doing that you are not annointed, gifted or empowered to do?

The first task Jesus was anointed to do was to preach, to communicate… and the communication was to be GOOD NEWS for people struggling in life – poor in circumstance, relationship, spirit, mind.

We are anointed to bring GOOD NEWS! Bring good news to people and the anointing will make you effective!

See you in church!


4 thoughts on “Anointed

  1. Pastor Brian Stivale

    It never ceases to amaze & thrill me how boundlessly the Holy Spirit operates. I have been consumed with these same revelations regarding the purpose of our anointing all day. Praise God. Incredible. Great Word
    – Brian Stivale

  2. Sam

    I love this. Do only what God has called you to do in accordance with prompting from the HS. The HS draws all men to the Father and nothing else, if we “do” things in our own strength they CANNOT be effective for Him and His Kingdom.

    Thanxz :o)

  3. Delia

    Dear Pastor Phil

    I was just listening to your podcast on Financial Excellence this afternoon. And you spoke about Is 61, and I think God is reminding me of this verse, a promise that I’ve started this year with. I’m from CHC (Singapore), and right now I’m in Sydney (Randwick). I really hope to visit C3, Oxford Falls this weekend although I was told it would take 2 hours. I hope to see you and your wife, Chris.

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