The River


Ezekiel 47:7 – ‘…along the bank of the river, were many trees on one side and another.’

The river flows from the altar, the worship, sacrifice, offerings and commitment of the Temple.

The further it flows the deeper it gets, wherever the river flows, trees grow.

If we let the river (the Holy Spirit according to John 7:57) flow, the effect will be that on the banks, (the structure we put aroun the moving of the Spirit to release, not restrict) trees – great, strong, planted, fruitful, reproducing, healing, believers will grow!

Not just a few but MANY. They produce fruit every month, all the time, and all kinds of fruit and their leaves are for the healing of everyone!

Let the Holy Spirit flow like a river in the church and see the great trees of God grow!

See you in church!


8 thoughts on “The River

  1. Thanks for this message . I love to read further down this chapter. it gives a lot of insight to how the Floolwer life graqdually changes then starts over again with fruit on the shore. Anyway , I enjoy reading your insight , I always get excited when I read someone perspective and they interpretated the verse the same as me. Hm Maybe just me but to me it shows affirmation of what the Lord was showing me.

  2. Steven

    Thank you pastor for such a great word.
    I believe that greater things are still to come and
    we’ll begin to see changes as we allow the Holy Spirit to flow like a river in our lives.And as we avail ourselves freely for God to move,He will show us His way.^^God bless Pastor.^^

  3. Alisa Boutwell

    I was at the High Point North Carolina service tonight. I was completely moved. I believe that the heart is the door to the human spirit and that all things just like the home enter through your heart and travel through the spirit and mind. I was deeply touched tonight and believe that the artistic soul is a part of God. It expresses God’s highest form of influence. The human spirit is closest to God and the flow that comes from it is so close to our connection with God. Music, Art, Archtiecture, and the simplest creations are all from our closest connection to God. They remain the touch of something much greater than us and a true connection of God and his message to touch the human soul

  4. Thanks Ps Phil, your blog is great!!! I do love seeing your writing, makes me feel like I am right there when you are jotting it down. I did like the type underneath as well though for those moments on the fly.

  5. Sidah

    Hi Phil, I love that you display amazing creativity in what you do – a testimony to the character of God!
    I have a question and am not sure if this is the right forum but here goes. I’m reading your financial book and am up to the part about tithing. I sincerely want to do what God wants me to. As a Christian of many years I have tithed for a long time but never saw the windows of heaven open that poured out blessings that I could not contain. I am genuinely confused. What disturbed me was that you said that we invited a curse if we did not tithe. I don’t tithe. Is my life cursed? I am also baffled as to why tithing isn’t mentioned in the NT. Any comments would be sincerely appreciated.

  6. Jerry Sanstead

    Phil came to our church on Nov. 14 09;Faith Explosion.He preached a powerful anointed message.After he preached he had an alter call to receive miracles God had waiting for us.I went to the front and he laid hands on me.I sensed a great anointing.Then he began to strike me with the palm of his hand real hard.Maybe 6-10 times in rappid succesion.It was an odd thing .God only knows what it means,oh and also Phil.Thank you Phil for your tireless work for the Lord! God bless you, Jerry

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