The purpose of life


Eph 2:10 ‘For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.

This is ‘poieema’ in Greek, lit – ‘An artistic work in fabric’ from which we get the word ‘poem’ from. God is an artist making your life rhyme like a poem.

We are created with purpose. God has plans for us. We are not a collection of germs randomly mutating without divine purpose.

God is an artist!

Our purpose in life is ‘good works’ or ‘acts of kindness’. Instead of trying to figure out what our purpose and calling is we should just simply get involved in helping people and our purpose, calling and gifting will easily be discovered.

See you in church!


9 thoughts on “The purpose of life

  1. Love these thoughts Phil. It is one of my favourite verses. There is so much in it for us. The NLT uses the words that we are “God’s masterpeice”. I really like that God is the master craftsman who created us for good works.

  2. Oh my God, it was my tweet few weeks ago, I do think that our God, is an artist, very creative person.

    we are HIS masterpiece. everyone is unique 🙂

    thank u for sharing Ps. Phil! u are blessing for so many people.


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