The price of increase


Prov 14:4 “Where no oxen are, the crib is clean: but much increase is by the strength of the ox.”

No oxen, no increase = No leaders, ministries, workers means no increase.

No oxen mean you’ll have very little mess in life but you’ll also not enjoy increase, expansion and abundance. This all comes through a team of leaders and workers (oxen).

Stronger the ox, greater the increase.

Note – not intelligence, experience, age, qualifications, talen etc, but STRENGTH – We need strong ministers, brave warriors who win battles and defeat giants.

Many oxen mean great increase, but also bigger mess. We must be prepared to clean up the mess others make sometimes – not complain about it, criticize them, but clean it up. Say sorry for others, put things right and move on.

Trust God’s redeeming power. He makes the worst of messes the best of victories. He’s our redeemer!

See you in church!

8 thoughts on “The price of increase

  1. Theresa Tan

    Dear Pastor Phil

    Thank you for this word! I so absolutely needed to hear it TODAY (when I’m both looking for my oxen and BEING an ox).

    You’re a true blessing!


  2. Good thoughts Phil. I was sitting in front of you at the stadium in Korea. From ELIM. A few years ago I was driving in NZ down a steep hill. As i came around the corner I saw what looked like a rooster sitting on top of the head of a large BULL (Ox). As I rounded a couple more corners I realised it was an optical illusion and then God spoke to me and said “I’m calling a new day (rooster) for the church. It is the day of the Ox. Things are going to get messy but a lot of stuff is going to happen on planet earth for my Kingdom”.
    Thanks for the thoughts. James

  3. Deb Lykleshin

    Unreal message Dr. Ps. Phil. Oxen sound like overcomers as well as strong, brave warriors. Pleased to hear God creates order from caotic messes in prep for Victories. I suppose thats where trusting and waiting comes into place, when it seems like you are under attack for taking steps you thought were the right thing to do. Wait and see him move in ways you never imagined in front of your very eyes!

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