Wait for it!


Habakuk 2:3 “For the vision is yet for an appointed time; But at the end it will speak, and it will not lie. Though it tarries, wait for it; Because it will surely come, It will not tarry.”

Every vision has an appointed time of fulfillment – Most of the time it takes longer than we expected. But the vision will come to pass even though it takes longer than you want. Patience is not something we have a lot of in an “instant”, jet age, express post, overnight delivery world.

But trees still grow at the same pace, women are still pregnant for 9 months. Walking with God demands patience, which is waiting for a vision to come to pass, with a good attitude & with faith. God doesn’t give us dreams to tease us. It will come to pass in due season. Wait for it!

See you in Church!

8 thoughts on “Wait for it!

  1. Matt Gilbank

    I am loving these blogs! Thanks Ps Phil for communicating as much as possible!It’s always great to see how great Men of God think and unpackage scripture.

  2. Winnie

    Hi Pastor,

    Thank you for your blog. I love it! 🙂
    Thank you for reminding me this verse Habakuk 2:3.
    I will continue to trust, to hope while waiting 🙂

  3. Mark from Durban

    Hi Pastor Phil,

    This is a word in season for me in a very big way right now – thanks for being such a blessing!

  4. MRB

    Wow, I was thinking before i bumped into your site, God you are asking to much of me i just want to live a “normal life.” This pierced my heart. “thought it tarries wait for it,” Waiting on God stretches me beyond I could imagine. Mordecai could if end up being the man who cries at the gate. But God made him a ruler, because he waited and believed and God moved every stone to deliver and honor Mordecai. He even used Haman…very funny.

  5. Your writing talked to me, touched my heart and my mind!

    Now, I have to learned to be more patient if I want to walk with God. Even though most of time, I always questioning God, “what next then?” etc..etc..

    What I have learned last year was there is no instant thing in this life! This is very true! There’s always a process…. and we have to deal with it, wait until the time is come.

  6. Edwin

    Waiting on God patiently is the only thing we can do to be successful in life. The Bible says, “They that wait upon the Lord, He shall renew their strength …………”

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