Accepted or rejected


Ephesians 1:6 – “To the praise of the glory of His grace, by which He made us accepted in the Beloved.”

Rejection lies at the root of so many flaws in our lives. When people are rejected all the worst traits surface. Acceptance lies at the root of most of our progress and development.

Grace favors people and accepts them when they have done nothing to merit favor, even when they have behaved badly and done things to earn disfavor!

Grace ‘makes us’ acceptable and therfore highly favored by God. This means we are blessed, protected, given opportunities when all around us is a mess.

The grace of God is His glory. To bless the unblessed, to favor the disfavored, to accept the rejected – this is the glory of God.

See you in Church!

2 thoughts on “Accepted or rejected

  1. Libby Nicholson-Moon

    Hi Phil,

    Love the concept ‘your wildest dreams’. Truly need to experience some more dreaming in my world. Great to read your blog and twitter.. had the pleasure of catching up with Jules mach in Auckland a few months back- what a gem she is and always has been. Lots love to you guys You are both such an inspiration.



  2. Jenna H

    This verse was timely for me this morning! I was contemplating how “Grace” is like a currency, We recive it and are prompted to give it to others. That parable Jesus talks about the Ruler who forgives his servant of a huge debt, then this servant goes and throws in jail another person whom, in comparison owes a small debt. I was reminded this morning how by no merit of myself I have been given so freely grace and how appreciative I am.. and yet I struggle at times to give it freely to others when crossed. Wow… then I read this verse you put up and of course it all ties in… thank you so much. Off to copy this in my journal.. Bless ya Ps Phil

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