Laughter the best medicine


Proverbs 17:22 ‘A merry heart does good, like medicine, But a broken spirit dries the bones.’

Children laugh 200-400 times a day. Adults 4-6. We cannot afford to let the child in us die. We need to laugh & rejoice enjoy life all the time! (If it’s going to be funny later – It’s funny now!)

Laughter releases all kinds of great chemicals (like a medicine) through your body. Laugh your way to health. Anger, bitterness, anxiety, doubt, fear etc. all release the wrong kind of chemicals in our bodies.

Hang out with people of joy, people who see the upside, the funny side the joyful side of life. Give other people joy, not grief & you’ll be a healer in life!

See you in Church!

4 thoughts on “Laughter the best medicine

  1. Winnie

    Hi Pastor,

    thank you for the blog and remind us that “Laughter the best medicine”, learn to enjoy life.
    It sure help people to look younger. – just like u… 🙂

    God bless 🙂

    Winnie 🙂

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