How you see God affects everything


Exodus 6:3 ‘I appeared to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob, as God Almighty, but My name LORD i was not known to them.’

God reveals Himself in new ways to us when He’s asking us to do new things. Our actions will be according to our faith. Our faith is according to our view of God.

When Jesus is setting the stage to build His church, He begins by revealing Himself in a new way to peter & the disciples (Mat 16v13-18)

He also reveals Peter to himself. When we see God in a new way we will see ourselves in a new way. God reveals Himself through His name (character & reputation). He changes Simon’s name to Peter (rock) so he see’s himself in a new way.

This is how Jesus builds His church. On the revelation of who He is & who we are!

See you in Church!