Defeated by laziness


Proverbs 22:13 ‘The lazy man says, “there is a lion outside! I shall be slain in the streets!”‘.

The unwilling have no faith. Courage comes to the willing hearted. There’s always a way through but the lazy soul, the unwilling spirit will never find it.

How selfish is the lazy heart! If there was a lion, we should go out & slay it. ‘Solve the problem”‘. Don’t make it an excuse for inaction. The lazy person is more concerned about themselves than others.

The lazy person invents problems that don’t even exist to excuse themselves from work. Jesus told us to release ‘workers’ into the harvest because people who work hard will reap the harvest & destroy the devils work in the process.

Lets go to work!

Lets go to church!

4 thoughts on “Defeated by laziness

  1. Dear Ps. Phil this is so true! The more avoiding responsibility, the more selfishness increasing, and more unhappy people!
    Thanks for make us remember why are we here!

  2. Jenna H

    I really appreciate the way you bring different angles out a verse the way you do… the sort of insight really prompts me too as well. And one of the reasons I love checking in on yr blog. I think laziness is repulsive… it’s interesting how u say he should get up and kill the lion….my thoughts were ‘imaginative excuses’… blah blah, but someone with a backbone would at least forge a weapon to shoot out the window..(ha ha).

  3. Thank you Phil – always love reading your incisive thoughts – very uplifting and encouraging. Blessings and thank you for your significant contribution to the body of Christ

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