Does God care?


Mark 4:38 “… And they awoke Hima nd said to Him, “Teacher, do You not care that we are perishing?”

The disciples are in the worst storm of theur lives. They fear they are going to drown. And Jesus is asleep! They accuse Him of not caring because He’s doing nothing. They ‘awaken’ God to accuse Him.

He sleeps so we wake up!! It was not a time to ask God to stop the storm. It was time for them to discover the authority they had in their own lives.

Some of us, (many of us) need to stop praying about a thing, stop feeling angry with God because He is not doing anything & speak to the storm ourselves.

See you in Church!

5 thoughts on “Does God care?

  1. It does not take much to realize that many of us have been brought up in the church with that passive spirit. We pray, fold our hands and begin to wait. Or as the disciples in the storm, we begin to bail out the water one bucket at time without even thinking that we have authority in Christ to quiet the storm. I do not know how many times I have prayed and fasted for something to happen but never really got out of the boat. It took some while before I became aware of the fact that getting out of the boat was also a part of solving the problem. Then I read about Peter and his walking on water experience. Most of us look at the fact that Peter got scared and begin to drown. But that is not so important in my opinion because Jesus was there to save him as he cried out “Lord, save me”. No, in my opinion the most important thing was that Peter got out of the boat. He dared to take God as His word and when Jesus said “come”. He got out and he went towards him.
    What you wrote, Pastor Phil, made me look back on my on life and see that the biggest steps I have made in my life is when I took the authority that I have been given in Christ Jesus and got out of the boat.
    Have a great time in Atlanta. i am a Georgian from my heart and needless to say, that Georgia spirit is in me regardless of where I am. If you get the chance, there is a wonderful soul food restaurant in Atlanta. It is not fancy but the food is great and they make some of the best fried chicken in the world.
    Take care,

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