Anger Management


Prov 15:1 – “A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.”

Turn down the volume in an argument & anger dissipates.

Before you answer someone who is angry with you think carefully & choose words that don’t provoke anger but rather ‘soothe’ the person.

Think of what soothing cream is on sunburn. That’s what a calm, low volume, kind words’ answer is to an angry person.

Control your temper and you control your whole life. How?

  • Be slow to speak
  • Speak low and calm
  • Speak kind words
  • Agree with your adversary
It can be so tempting to speak harshly back to an angry person, but don’t. Many people have ruined their whole life because of one moment of unrestrained anger.
Moses hitting the Rock. Cain killing Abel.

3 thoughts on “Anger Management

  1. Wow, what a timely and relevant message on anger management!

    I work in customer service and you come across people in different moods each day and normally you handle it well until someone comes up and pushes across all boundaries of behavior in a public place and you get stuck in the moment when it just happened or happening and not
    sure how to react to that kind of anger…which directed to you…or your colleagues

    I had one recently…unpleasant – challenging – stretching – made me want to handle it better next time as the customer wrote a complaint into local newspaper (after he received what he had asked for…) now we “black” marketed

    Thanks, for that one Phil.

    P.S. I’ll try to use that

  2. Having a naturally loud voice, it is sometimes very difficult for me to control how loud I speak but I am learning. Tt never occurred to me until a few years ago when talking with my husband, he thought I was mad, but I really was excited to the brim and could not contain my excitement about my good news. That day made me begin to think because I live in a society where the people normally speak very softly. Growing up in an Afro-American home in the South where everyone talked around the kitchen table as if we sometimes were on a football field, I thought my voice range was okay until I got to Germany and then married a German. It has been an uphill battle, but I am learning to keep my voice lower and watch my tone. What I think is not sacrastic can come across very sarcastic to other people. It is really true, lowering your voice changes the whole perspective and people begin to listen.
    Thanks. I agree wholeheartedly because I experience it time and time again.

  3. Jenna H

    As A nurse I occasionally have agitated patients who really require some special calming response.. it’s not always easy if I feel threatened but I find in God I can say silent prayers as I speak and often this gives me the will not to ‘react’ .. just speaking kindly and quietly brings people down several nothches. I also used to use this approach when my kids were little… if you whisper to them in the midst of a tantrum the vibe begins to settle. It’s hard when the kids a teen tho…! Such a great word !!!

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