Heirs of all things


Heirs ofall things

Romans 8:16-17 – “…we are children of God, and if children, then heirs—heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ…”

This may be the most AMAZING scripture in the entire Bible.


What has Jesus inherited? God appointed Him heir of ALL THINGS. That’s because God owns ALL THINGS.

Psalm 24 – He is the possessor of the Earth, the world and all that is in it!

This means that when you become a child of God you become an heir of all things – RIGHT NOW!

This is a very HIGH thought! But believe the Word & reality will soon catch up.

See you in church!

4 thoughts on “Heirs of all things

  1. Awesome!! I agree absolutely. But remember if we want to embrace His glory we must embrace His suffering as well. The suffering carries the reward, the inheritance.

  2. Being adopted as one of God’s children is an amazing thought. And knowing that we are co-heirs with Christ is mind blowing. God has been reminding me of this thought a lot over the last few weeks. Thanks!

  3. truenorthquest

    I like the thought – “believe the Word and reality will catch up.” There is a fight over what is real. The Devil says, “This is reality, get used to it.” Jesus says, “I have a higher reality which trumphs all things.” It has to be intensely contended for, though. And there will be some suffering as Edith says. But the glory far surpasses the suffering.

  4. hurtinsoul

    i just came across this page and was wondering if you can prayer for me please,

    i heard you preach last sunday in city church and i was too scared to ask for prayer

    it was my first time there so i didnt want to be embarrassed or trouble anyone and i

    had to leave straight away because it got too much for me. I just want what you have

    i dont know whats about you but i want it your happy.



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