Let there be light


Let there be light

“Then God said, “Let there be light”; and there was light…”

The very first act of God was to bring light. THis is at the beginning of everything – We see something, we come out of hiding, covering, of being in the dark..

Preaching insight & revelation brings light. The revelation of Jesus & Jesus Himself is ‘Light”. He is the light of the world!Once we have light we can walk, move forward, see situations & others clearly.

We are called to be the light of the world, not joyless, relgionists but light bringers. Walk in the light!

See you in church!




Matt 6:14,15 “And whenver you stand praying, if you have anything against anyone, forgive him, that your Father in heaven may also forgive you your trespasses. But if you do not forgive, neither will your Father in heaven forgive trespasses.”

Not just once a day, but ‘whenever’. Meaning forgiving others needs to become a lifestyle for a follower of Christ. We would solve many seemingly comples problems with this very simple excercise – Forgive. We forgive others before they say sorry.

Let go of everything everyone has ever done to you. Let it go! Forgive them. We block our own forgiveness when we fail to forgive others. The reason we feel guilty, block off from God might be simply we are holding a grudge against someone – Forgive them. NOW.

See ya in Church!