Keys to influence


A Key to influence

Proverbs 30:28 “The spider skillfully grasps with its hands, And it is in kings’ places.”

This word is also translated “lizard”. No matter because both spiders & lizards are useful to the king because they eat bugs, mosquitoes & other annoying little things. The message is taht if we are useful to those in leadership & deal with little annoying problems really well, even if we are not that well equipped, or significant, we will find ourselves in the company of the most powerful in the land.

The basis for leadership & influence is problem solving. When we help Jesus with His vision to build His people, His church we will be in His throne room.

See you in His palace!

One thought on “Keys to influence

  1. Phil,
    Your Twitter says you are preaching in Auckland.
    I have just arrived from London with my son on a business trip and would like to hear you preach again.
    [I am related to the Munoz family at your Church]
    Where are preaching please.?

    Blessings on you

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