Moving forward


Hebrews 6:1-3 ‘let us go on… And this we will do if God permits.’

All of us want to progress to keep moving forward. We don’t like people making us wait. At traffic lights we tap our fingers. Everybody rishes to get on and off planes!

If we don’t do today’s homework that God has given us (pass the trials), we will be ill-equipped for tommorow’s giants, for the destiny He has planned! The Israelites tried to enter their promised land the day after they were meant to. God did not permit them.

Their unbelief lost ther opportunity. Had they become bigger through the ten tests in the desert they would have been ready!

We ‘go on’ together. We help each other progress. The six truths of foundation relate to progress, so we don’t get stuck! More about that another day.

See you in Church!