WHere we get energised!


John 4:34 “Jesus said to them, ‘My food is to do the will of Him who sent Me, and to finish His work.’

We get energy & renewal from “doing”, not, not doing. But it’s not about doing just anything. It’s about doing the will of God. You know what it is because you love doing it. Fatigue comes from doing what you’re not called to do – you have no annointing for it. It drains you.

Our nourishment & health, vigour & strength comes when we do our gift. Some people are energized when couselling people, others fatigued. Some are energised ministering to children, others are not etc.

We are fatigued when we live with unfinished, unresolved projects & problems. We are engergized when we finish what we started. It’s important to only start things we know we can finish & once we start, go to the finish.

When we know we have been Sent by God to do what we do & to be where we are meant to be we will always be energized, even when we are tired, we still have HIS SENDING motivation within!

See you in Church!

3 thoughts on “WHere we get energised!

  1. What a revelation!! Our spiritual vitamins come from obedience and wisdom!! Insight comes from within as we exercise our gift to achieve the goal Ü WOW!!! THANK YOU again Phil!!

  2. GREAT ! so serial blogging is my call right- thats why i am not tired…
    oh go on indulge yourself and have a little chuckle…

    well we all better get cracking on positioning ourselves for EACH OTHERS sakes cause theres something about keeping company with negative ppl that drains you for sure.

    and the next time i catch myself whinging i”ll be sure to revaluate wether what i am doing is lining up with Gods will for my life.

    cool word PP

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