Look Up!


Luke 21:28 ‘Now when these things begin to happen, look up and lift up your heads, because your redemption draws near.’

Sun Darkened tribulations, wars, fears etc. When these things happen, don’t look down, look up! Our ‘fix-up’ is near – if our view & perspective is of the Earth & not of Heaven, we will not see the redemption God is bringing us. Thus – Look Up!

Look Up – When these things happen – Now! not when they’re over. God loves a contest 0 a fight. When darkness covers the earth, His Glory will Arise Upon You. Therefore “Arise, Shine!!’

When Darkness is clouding everyone’s mind God wants to display His glory, His bright shining through His people prospering, succeeding, shining with joyful, thankful, positive expectation!

Don’t forget – LOOK UP!

See you in Church!

6 thoughts on “Look Up!

  1. Eimear

    Thank you Ps Phil for going the extra mile in taking the time to seek God for a weekly word. I love how God gives you this great approach in opening up a scripture. It is so simple and powerful – allowing even children to understand. God bless ya! P.S. I WILL lift up my eyes to you Lord looking for the things unseen! Amen! Love Eimear, C3 Central City

  2. theres so many things i “should” be doing
    so many things at which i fail,so many points to contend with,so much to do,so many areas to improve,things that are my responsibility and not Gods.

    are you saying -no wait is THE BIBLE saying we can really,really rejoice when chaos in your world feels like bringing us down,you lose hope and everything seems so hard -like a huge mountain and destined to fail???

    look up! look up! -now i feel like crying- surely a God so great,so majestic oh its a love so big its uncomprehendable….

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