You can’t please everybody


Luke 7:33-35 “For John the Baptist came neither eating bread nor drinking wine, and yous ay, ‘He has a demon.’ The son of Man has come eating and drinking, and you say, ‘Look, a glutton and a winebibber, a friend of tax collectors and sinners!’.

It is impossible to make religous people happy. They have a censorious spirit and feel they are righteous to cast judgement on everybody else who doesn’t live by their small-minded set of ‘impossble to keep’ rules.

A bad attitude grasps issues to justify itself, so we are foolish to imagine that if we address the ‘issie’ it’s going to correct the attitude. It won’t. There’s always going to be something that’s wrong. Criticism is an implacable spirit.

Don’t be suprised when the good you do for one person is thought of as evil by another. Once again, it’s impossble to keep everyone happy & for everyone to like, especially if you’re going to step out & do something great for God. Just go ahead & be all that God has called you to be. He’s for you!

See you in Church!

8 thoughts on “You can’t please everybody

  1. Ps. Phil,

    You have no idea how perfectly timed that blog was. It was as if God Himself was reaching out through the screen to confirm stuff in me. Amazing timing.

    Nat & Gav

  2. g.

    Thank you so much, Ps. Phil! Ps. Jurgen just preached a message here in Atlanta tonight about “rolling the stone” away from the cave (speaking on the story of Lazurus.) He said that our “stone” is whatever hinders us from being free and alive and focusing on God. For me, it was a friendship that produced guilt, condemnation, drama, and manipulation. I felt like my feet were bound. I finally had the courage tonight to end the friendship. It is sad because we’ve been friends since I was 14.. I’m 30 now. But, I felt it was time.

    I want to be part of the Asheville, NC C3 church, and have a vision of ministering to the artists in that city. I have put out some resumes and am actively trying to relocate there. But I couldn’t feel free as long as I kept letting this friend hurt my heart. I couldn’t focus fully on living my life in freedom.

    So, I was about to go to sleep but I suddenly felt the need to check your website. And, lo and behold, here is a message reassuring me that I can’t please everyone and for me to go on and live for God w/o trying to live up to standards in a relationship I can’t possibly meet. God gave me confirmation through your message that I did the right thing.

    Thanks again,


  3. Hungry 4 Him

    Hey Pastor Phil,
    Thanks so much for this helpful insight.

    So…how long does it take for a Pharisee to recover and where’s the meeting?!?

    Just got your book on prayer and can’t wait to get into it.

  4. Helen

    Hi Pastor Phil, Your blog has been a tremendous blessing to’s always so timely!! Thank You so much..please keep writing! God Bless!!!:)

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