The God of Hope


Romans 15:13 ‘Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that you may abound im hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.’

Not tommorow, or when you’ve cleaned up or fixed up things – BUT NOW. Regardless of anything today is when God wants to fill you. Anything bringing despair, hopelessness, discouragement (even if it parades in religious garb) is not God. He brings HOPE – He is HOPE.

God Fills us, not sprinkle or dab us but fills us with ALL joy & peace. How? – Through us psitioning ourselves in faith. Believe you’re going to make it. Believe God is with you. Believe you can do it.

When we start believing we will abound in every area with positive expectation about the future, about our family, our finances, our marriages, our church and our ministry.

The Holy Spirit fills our minds with visions of a great future when we start believing. The Father, Son & Holy Spirit are all bringers of HOPE.

Start believing NOW! Refuse fear today. Speak faith, see faith, Live in faith.

See you in Church!

7 thoughts on “The God of Hope

  1. Winnie

    Hi Pastor Phil, thank you for the blog. I’m so blessed & encouraged!! 🙂 God will always be our Hope & Refuge. Can’t wait to see you @CHC coming August – you’re one of my favorite pastor. Be very blessed & God anointing & protection will be with you. God bless. cheers! Winnie 🙂

  2. Clare Froggatt

    Dear Pastor Phil, Your words resonate in my spirit. You are an apostle of faith, a modern day Paul. I posted my blog about Faith and Hope today too. Must be the same Holy Spirit! Faith grows in an atmosphere like c3 church. So privileged to have been a member for 26 years. I love my c3 church. Thankyou for your leadership. Clare

  3. Arnel Sarian

    How blessed are we to have such timely and relevant messages like this land on our desk when the world is telling us the opposite, thank you sir, you are the BEST!!!!

  4. Hi Ps. Phil,

    Your awesome blog has spoken to me and some of my friends in the office. We feel a bit hopeless during these days. We are waiting notification letter from the management regarding employment termination. Deadline is on June 30. But, we put our faith in Him, no matter the circumstances we are facing with.

    Thanks Ps. Phil and God bless!


  5. THANK YOU PHIL!! It really amazes me how just one simple verse can contain a lot of wisdom; but, as well, how many understanding rest in your heart to make it accessible to all of us!! Thanks!

  6. Wendy Anne

    Thanks Pastor Phil for this encouraging blog,yes the Holy Spirit promises us a great future as we fix our eyes on Jesus. Bring it on Lord!

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