How to be right, not wrong with God


Habakuk 2:4 “Behold the proud, His soul is not upright in him; But the just shall live by his faith.”

Though a person can stand tall on the outside & look like they have it all together, their soul can be bent over, crooked & cirrupt on the inside. Our soul is the core of our life & faith is the only quality that gets our soul UPRIGHT.

Life is lived by faith, the brave, the courageous, the adventurous, those who ‘step out’ the confident, the bold, the trusting, the believing. These are the people who really live life – these are the believers!

The core of sin is unbelief. People don’t believe God will look after them so they steal etc.

We are justified (made right) by God when we belive Him. He imputes the perfect rightness of Jesus to our own account as though it were our own!

See you in Church!

8 thoughts on “How to be right, not wrong with God

  1. sonia

    Amen Ps Phil!

    hello George, what a pleasant surprise. Ps Phil prophesied powerful powerful at prayer meeting tonight but I wasn’t expecting you.. you must’ve heard our prayers.. been a long time George, so we meet again my knight 🙂 but I beg you, please please be gentle, we’re all christians here.

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