6 thoughts on “Jesus’ secret

  1. Charissa Kirsten

    Thanks Ps Phil for your blogs..Always inspiring! Love the fact that WE will be doing ‘greater’ things here on earth! Cannot wait to see stadiums filled to capacity!

  2. Li Fen

    i love this sharing, though it’s the basic of us, but we tend too always neglect it… to Walk close with God… thanks for sharing..

    so Elisha was on the money……Jesus saying what he heard the father say and only ever did what he saw the father doing.
    but you gotta be “still” for this cardiagnosis?
    i keep getting gelato shop,gelato shop….hhhmmmm better check it out

  4. Sonia

    I had the strangest dream just then, I was sleeping with apocalyptic mayhem when I heard Ps Phil’s voice loud and clear and I saw all these splashes of colour, angels, holy spirit having a party, I forget how the music went, something like ‘…da da da party… da da da party’.

  5. Loved

    Thanks for posting this up pastor! A strong form of motivation and affirmation to me, especially in these times. God’s greater things He has ahead for every single one of us! 😀

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