2 thoughts on “Awesome church

  1. so we invite ppl to church
    we sit there with them
    we cringe at offering time
    we squirm when they talk about taking over the earth
    we hope the musics not too loud for them
    we wonder if they think we are radical extremists
    we shudder when our guest asks us what the preacher just said about hubba bubba
    we sit there nervous wondering if we have the guts to ask them if they want to go up the front for the altar call.
    nearly at the end of the service-head bowed-praying silently-put up your hand,put up your hand-out of the corner of your mouth…..you whisper….”wanna go up the front, I’ll walk ya?”
    a moments silence

    mmmmmm…..O.k !!!

    yes ! yes ! how ggggrrreeaattt is our God-sing with me how great is our God !!!
    down to the alter we both go
    why church is the gate of heaven,its awsome !!!
    i knew that,hey i wasnt worried for a second…..

    (btw i already repented folks)

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