3 thoughts on “Peter’s healing

  1. who cares what the bloggers have to say? he he
    yep we tend to do that superior to everyone else thing, why? we get all self important and stupid about this journey doing life being the best Gods called us to be….

    who gives a ____ if your steve.m son-in-law or was born in the catatombs of the church-
    Gods needing us to be our all out mostest bestest take on being us and its gonna be full of Peter like Mistakes eh? and i never thought about God not rushung to the Garden at the fall of man-are you saying he lets us roll around in our own “disasters” a while on purpose?-i dont expect an answer,but thats like wow.
    hope its just your own personal revelation and not meant for any of us LOL
    o-oh thats not the same ’cause you like a spritual leader…….

  2. Andrew

    Wow Pastor, this is awesome truth! Relationship is indeed the basis of problem-solving and healing wounds. God’s word is so real. Thanks Pastor!

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