2 thoughts on “Courage

  1. Skyojj

    Hi Pastor,

    thank you for this Post. Sometimes I am scared. When I fail in one thing, I just want to hide and hv no courage or think I am unfit to do others things. But when I think of the promises of God , it gives me strength and courage, to know that when I charge, He will be my shield.


  2. sonia

    Hello J,

    Perhaps God will be your shield, but I don’t know whether that’s much to do with failing. When you fail you fail, but whether you actually failed or not depends on how you percieve it. If you ask the world even if you didn’t fail they’ll tell you, you failed. Unless you’re extraordinary with the top echelons of whichever whatever like Nelson Mandela who mind you spent a chunk of his life in prison, most people in the world don’t care about you, but if you ask they’re more inclined to say failure and forget about it. Most people in western democracies are too busy and self-absorbed to retain anything in their head.

    Whatever you embark in life whether be mending rooves to high flying politician, the world sees you as a failure, they’ll always find a reason and there’ll always be a hater. You see the world don’t value people. People are just collateral, bunch of failures and civilisation is overrated. If you aspire for anything in this world you will learn to accept the notion of ‘failure’ as a bad thing. You can search all you want but I tell you nothing of this world will make you believe you’re not a failure. We really are not of this world.

    I failed my driving test 8 times, still drive like a lunatic, I was recently rejected by a guy I dreamt a future with, he didn’t even respond, he broke my heart. I’d say 95% of my life I failed the first time, that’s just a fact of life, everyone fails something but I guess with me since I’m not a perfectionist and look to God for expectations I don’t care, so instead of slapping myself failure oh you failure! melodramatically mourning in sackcloth like arty people do, I chuckle and try again. If you think about it, it ain’t the end of the world, so get over it Miss Saigon. You see we all need alittle dirt to grow.

    I think the problem with failure is not so much the notion of failure but as Ps Phil says courage. You have too many fears. You fear what people think about you, say about you and you get cut easily because you haven’t had enough dirt to grow tall enough to see beyond those people criticising you because you are either young and come from a sheltered life where you lead a perfect life with perfect parents and have barely failed anything in life, or, you haven’t taken enough risks in life. As a consequence you have trouble loving yourself, you don’t trust yourself to get back up and up when the world jabs and cuts you screaming fail!

    You can call out to God and hide behind His shield telling yourself He will protect you while charging into the world with your head covered just look to God, but are you really fighting or crapping yourself? Are you charging or perhaps running away from something? That shield should not be misused to hide from the world. That shield is powerful, much too powerful to be wasted on fighting principalities in this world, let alone hiding from the world with it.

    That shield is reserved for warriors, God’s warriors, people of war, why would God give His shield and sword to someone not equipped to fight in a war? Why not ask Him for a harp? God is not unethical. If you want the honour of God’s shield then you need alittle dirt first to be immovable in the face of fears and that includes failing in trivial things to even bigger things, go console yourself with icecream then pick yourself up and try again, again and again, heap that dirt all over you again, again and again.

    Once you become a flower or thick-skinned to the world etc. then perhaps you will see God’s destiny for you is too big for anything in this world. Failure in actual fact is a beautiful thing in retrospect. It humbles you, makes you resilient, tests and molds your character, keeps you grounded, focused, real, does more wonders for your ego long term than staying on a mountain top consistently, and above of all else, the more you fail and get back up and up, you get stronger each time, more attuned to God’s call on your life, more fearless, more courageous and perhaps someday the honour of holding His shield, fighting His sword in principalities beyond our own.

    Chin up brethren 🙂

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