4 thoughts on “Come & drink

  1. im a coming

    im a beleiving

    its time for a virus check-scanned by the holy spirit lol !
    need to check that browsing of mine too
    check the network address-remember where I,m coming from- and where i am suppose to be heading
    clean up those temporary memories filed in my head !!!
    clean up the hard drive – keep the essentials working right
    jesus erased my history !!!
    i was defragmented but i chose to restore
    so jesus put me back together !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Presense here i come

  2. Sure, proclamations such as walking to really act upon coming is great. The best thing though is to find the very presence of Jesus and approach this. The greater the amount of presence, the more efficient your approach will be. Therefore it’s important to always continue searching, with a humble mind, for more of Jesus, to find greater manifestations and reach greater heights.

    As you’re saying, the last days are indeed great, and great things will also be expected from the people of God. You *can not* be satisfied with walking isles or attending meetings. You need to get to know the Living God personally. If you study the original scriptures I believe you will see that Jesus accentuates when he says “I” or “me”. One of the keys to this passage is “unto ME” and “on ME”. Still, even saying that God expects a great deal from his people, man can not find God or come to God. As in Jesus says in John 6: No one can come to me, unless the Father draws him.
    The important part isn’t searching in itself or going after God in your own strength… What’s important is to be humble about your situation, who God Is and your relation and to CONTINUE searching. In Matt 7:7, if you study the Greek text, you’ll see that it isn’t the one who prays, that will receive, neither is it the one who searches that will find… BUT, the one who prays and continues to pray, will receive and the one who searches and continues to search, will find. What happens is really that when you continue to search, you will build your appetite and grow in thirst ‘cus you see what Jesus says in this verse? “If any man thirsts, let *him* come”… So the idea for the people is to THIRST, then they will be allowed to come unto the SON OF GOD, and drink. That’s the focus here. To come to the Way that will lead to the drinking. The drinking part is the result, the reward, the blessing that automatically comes from coming to Christ, the Good Shepherd.
    Then comes a clarification: The ones who believes on the true Jesus will be rewarded with the Holy Spirit inside of them. That means that unfortunately you can’t just be thirsty. That’d be good, but you actually need to CHANNEL your thirst through Faith towards Jesus and *then* you’ll get it.

    Your bottom sentence, “Flow, agree with the Spirit”, is genius ^_^

    very important bible verse. I’m glad that you give it some spotlight. I’ve also sensed the Holy Spirit eager about it.

    P.S this is in no way criticizing. I’m only completing your notes. D.S

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