2 thoughts on “Washing one another

  1. megsychristian

    I think it’s good for one’s own peace of mind to forgive and let go but also I think the person who has sinned against you should make reparations, especially if they have repeatedly hurt or harmed you. Doesn’t it depend on the situation, I don’t know this is a hard one. I know alot of Christians who’s own parents have been cruel to them and if the parents don’t acknowledge their behaviour or say sorry, this can be difficult for the one sinned against. Healing for some takes maybe more time.

    I have counselled people in a detox and alot of them came from abusive family backgrounds and they self medicated to mask the pain. Family counselling to heal the wounds can be very healing if one can get the person to say sorry. But people can be complicated sometimes. Very interesting topic.

    I read a good quote by Ghandi “There is no right or wrong only understanding”

  2. yeah its all interesting
    sometimes i look at a crowd,like a mass of people and fallen humanity repulses me-its only breif-and still my heart really is for people…

    unconditional love,could it be that simple? yeah i know theres boundaries and stuff-but if you really,really set your heart on love,no matter who,no matter what,no matter when-if you make that choice-to live in understanding with each others weaknesses,failures-be not a respector of persons -LOOK PAST THE SIN-its exciting isnt it?

    can it be giving more than a smile for someone you have no interest in accociating with?
    can it be giving the lowest the highest seat?
    can it be tolerating ridicule and anothers arrogance?
    can it be empowering and encouraging someone ….because……you can?
    can it be something helpfull done in secret?
    can it be saving the face of someone whose reputation does not justify the benefit of the doubt?
    can it be not mobbing the influencual but valuing relationship……with….a nobody (u know what i mean)…gasp….could you even invite them over?
    can it be the first to say sorry when its you thats wronged?
    can it be seeing the person-not the car,the job,the neighbourhood?
    can it be not self promotion but holding the least in high esteem?
    can it be walking away from the path thats leading to dishonouring someone?
    can it be more than looking for the good in someone can it be seeing whats not there yet?
    can it be more than just being polite when you greet?
    can we shorten our measure of judgement untill it cant be used?
    can it be not holding so tight to whats yours?

    we can

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