guard your attitude



Proverbs 4:23 “Keep your heart with all diligence, For out of it spring the Issues of life.”

We would be hard pressed to find a more important Scripture for success in life – Your Best Life comes from your heart! If your heart is sour, your life will be too, same if it’s stingy, disagreeable, negative, cynical.

This is like working hard to keep your ATTITUDE right. Don’t let your heart get stolen by jealousy, hatred, fear, doubt, cynicism. How many people do you know who have not gotten over an offence & developed a cancerous attitude towards the group or person who offended them? Every area of our lives are affected by our attitude.

Thank you Lord for the great Holy Spirit who shapes our attitude to please God & bless people. ‘Be filled with The Spirit!’.

See you in Church!


8 thoughts on “guard your attitude

  1. Ivy chen

    hey! pastor phil!! have been so bless by reading your blog every single day.. is really awesome!! hahas.. lolx.. and yes thank God for the Holy Spirit!! =) thanks pastor phil for sharing!!

    with love, ivyyy

    • Mike and Jeannie

      Hi Phil,
      Love the mind-map style.
      Been listening in to your messages and inspired with the amazing word pictures.
      Thank you,
      Mike Knott

  2. mugi

    dear pastor Phil,
    thank you. i needed this word.i leave in Mongolia. the visual art is my profession but i am a pastor too. i have been struggling all the time why God gave me this ability since Hes not using it? I am always wondering how you can do everything. your ministry your paintings and so on…
    and many times I was discouraged that there is no way for to use my painting skill for the glory of God.

    thank you
    pastor Munhkbayar B Mongolia

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