life & health


Proverbs 4:22 “For they are life to those who find them, And health to all their flesh.”

When people find the Word (that has gained access to our heat), they will discover LIFE! People find things because they are seeking them. They are looking for them. Those with no hunger for the Word, will not ‘ find it’. Jesus speaks of 4 kinds of hearts that receive the Word – Only one bears fruit 0 Casual hearts, stony heats, distracted hearts don’t get to receive the Word.

We must reprogram our sub-conscious -‘By His stripes I am healed!’

Healing is in the Word, “He sent His Word & healed them. People need to REPEAT the Word to themselves until they believe it – ‘Faith comes by hearing the Word’. 

God’s tools, medicine & method of healing is through believing the Word – This connects us with the healing work of Christ on the cross & the power of the Holy Spirit – IF THE SPIRIT RAISED CHRIST FROM THE DEAD, HE CAN HEAL YOUR BODY. Faith connects us with that power – Faith comes from the Word – the Promises.

See you in Church!