what words are in your heart?


Proverbs 4:21 ‘Do not let them depart from your eyes; Keep them in the midst of your heart;’

Meditation is the digestive faculty of the soul. Through meditation the Word travels from our mind to our heart, from information to revelation. This is extremely important because this is what Christ builds His church on – Revelation – what is Light in our soul.

Our eyes should fall on the Word of God everyday. Much of what we read is ‘dead’. The WORD is LIFE – It’s the ‘Word of life’.

Not just positive thoughts or breadth of knowledge, but what has become the light & food of the Word within. Eastern meditation is about emptying the mind. This (Christian) meditation is about filling the mind. Take a scripture & repeat it over in your mind, eventually it breaks open & you see it. This is keeping the Word in the centre of our heart – our lives, our desires, our trust.

See you in church!


6 thoughts on “what words are in your heart?

  1. Carly

    Love it! The mouth speaks what’s in the heart. When there’s junk coming out it’s a good time to check what’s not been dealt with inside… and there’s no better way to “rend your heart” than by the Holy Spirit showing you that specific Word and soaking it up. Brilliant Ps Phil, as always! 🙂

  2. Dear Ps Phil,
    Please pray that I read the Bible and pray. I just don’t do it enough.
    … God, please help me not to rely on others but you alone. Give me fresh revelations to paint.. and other… Fix my bad attitude… I guess that would come from reading and meditating on your Word…
    Just fix me up God. Amen

  3. Phil – I just discovered your site. I love the way you meditate on the scriptures by printing out a verse and then noting your thoughts around it artistically as God opens the verse to your heart and mind. What an awesome way to worship!

    I’ll be sharing your method and blog with my readers in an upcoming article.

    Worship Mindfully!
    Ricky Spears

  4. Boon Loong

    Dear Pst Phil,
    I’ve been so blessed by what u shared yesterday during the Men’s Conference! Problems can really awaken the men in us! =)

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