Today His Presence is stronger and closer than a long time.
He comes with a fire,
A warm, glowing, gentle, unharming, healing fire.
He clothes me with this fire.
This fire is not the fire of excitment or zeal but a beautiful fire of God.

The Lord doesn’t know the old me.
He knows the child He birthed, the new me.
He relates to the new creation.

what words are in your heart?


Proverbs 4:21 ‘Do not let them depart from your eyes; Keep them in the midst of your heart;’

Meditation is the digestive faculty of the soul. Through meditation the Word travels from our mind to our heart, from information to revelation. This is extremely important because this is what Christ builds His church on – Revelation – what is Light in our soul.

Our eyes should fall on the Word of God everyday. Much of what we read is ‘dead’. The WORD is LIFE – It’s the ‘Word of life’.

Not just positive thoughts or breadth of knowledge, but what has become the light & food of the Word within. Eastern meditation is about emptying the mind. This (Christian) meditation is about filling the mind. Take a scripture & repeat it over in your mind, eventually it breaks open & you see it. This is keeping the Word in the centre of our heart – our lives, our desires, our trust.

See you in church!




Titus 1:15 ‘To the pure all things are pure, but to those who are defiled and unbelieving nothing is pure; but even their mind and conscience are defiled. 

Our perception of people is based on our own character. The thief thinks everyone who is successful steals. The honest person believes & trusts. They see people like themselves. The pure in heart believe the best about others – give them the benefit of doubt. Like when you get a new car – Suddenly it seems like they’re everywhere but your never noticed before.

We destroy our capacity to love life when we live impure lives. Doubtful, cynical living robs us of breathtaking worship & gratefulness for the smallest of mercies. Cynical people don’t believe anyone has pure motives. They can’t even see a sunrise & be in awe! What a tragedy to live suspicious of everyone, thinking they’re not what they appear just because this person has chosen to live like that.

Help us Lord to own pure hearts, live unmixed lives, so we are united within, integrated words, attitudes, actions. True for You!


See you in church!