God’s Word


Proverbs 4:20 “My Son, give attention to my words; Incline your ear to my sayings.”

Possibly the greatest day of my life was reading this Scripture about 2 months after receiving Christ (1971) and FEELING THE IMPACT OF GOD saying to me ‘My Son’, unbelievable!

So many things demanding for our attention, so many books, newspapers, internet stuff, people, things to do, t.v., movies etc. YET the WORD must remain the highest claim on our attention. We cannot get distracted. His Word is our lamp, without it we lose direction. It is our food – without it we are weak. it is our sword. Without it we are defeated. It is our faith, without it we are doubtful. 

The Apostles said ‘we will not forsake the Word &Prayer for management’. Incline, bow down, humble, get lower to hear & obey what the Spirit says to you. His sayings are the ‘rhema’ that guides us daily. The knowings we get inside.

Remember this was David talking to Solomon. Wisdom came out of worship & we are well-served to listen to our fathers. (Natured & spirited).

See you in church!



How to change your life


Hebews 6:1 ‘…let us go on to perfection, not laying again the foundation of repentance from dead works…’

The ability to progress depends on if we can let go of the past. Many people are stuck in yesterday because they can’t admit they were wrong or that ‘what was’, is no longer relevant. The foundation for success in life is being able to change, to learn. if we think we are in no need of changing we won’t change. Don’t you wish you felt as bad about sin before you did it as you do afterwards!!

Repentance is taking sides with God against ourselves. Repentance is feeling sorrowful about what we have done wrong, confessing that to God & any person we need to, turning from it with a resolve to not do it again!! Repentance is changing our mind and attitude so we are teachable & take correction rather than thinking we know it all!

Help us Lord to walk humbly with you. 

See you in church!