Spirit powered obedience


Ezekiel 37:7 (NLT) ‘ So I spoke these words, just as he told me. Suddenly as
I spoke, there was a rattling noise all across the valley.’

The Spirit anoints obedience. Ezekiel spoke ‘as he was commanded’. We’ve
been told to ‘preach the gospel to every creature’. As the prophet spoke,
the Spirit moved. When we do our gift, the power of God will empower us. When we do what is not our gift or calling, we are in our own strength = failure, burnout etc.

Say what He tells you to say. Don’t add or subtract.

When we ‘preach the gospel’ His Word, His Spirit will accompany us with the supernatural manifestation of what we preach! When God’s Word is spoken & the Holy Spirit starts to move people are rattled! Don’t get nervous. It’s a revival of dead bones. When the bones in the valley start rattling get ready for revival.

There are moments when God moves ‘suddenly’. Get ready – Now is one of those times, We speak & it happens, suddenly.

There’s always a noise when God starts moving. Shouting, music, signing, clapping, preaching. With every NEW move of God comes a NEW sound – voice, song, music. The culture of a move of God is carried in the sound. – Don’t reject the unfamiliar just because it’s ‘new’- New Wine = New wineskins.

See you in Church!