Overwhelmed by God


Ezekiel 37:1 (NLT) ‘The LORD took hold of me, and I was carried away by the
Spirit of the LORD to a valley filled with bones.’

When we surrender our lives to God (not just going forward on an alter call) but doing what He has called us to do, then He takes a hold of us!!!

the reason we host PRESENCE is to bring the power of God into church life- by bringing His people into contact with Him. When was the last time you were carried away by the Spirit of God!! Yielded, abandoned, weeping, laughing, free un-selfconcious worship?

It’s the ‘carried away’ moments that set our course for our whole life. OUr word is filled with people in depression & living ‘dry bone’ lives – We must be filled with the power of God to bring supernatural answers to transform them into an army of believers building His kingdom.

God’s purpose is to touch us, so we touch others – in valleys, dry bones. He doesn’t always send us to the most convenient & pleasant places. But we will always love
His will when we are sent by Him!

See you in church!!