God wants to make you right not wrong


Isaiah 43:26
Put Me in remembrance; Let us contend together; State your case that you may be acquitted.
God’s purpose is to make us right (righteous) not wrong. He sent His own Son for this purpose. Paul argues that after being crucified to save us He’s not going to condem us!!
Instead of remembering our sins we need to remember God – the justifier. He is not the condemner. That’s the devil.
God calls us to stand our ground against the accuser and to make our conscience conform to the covenant we have with God (Eph 1v7; In Him we have forgiveness).  Our feelings are to conform to the Word. Our beliefs are not to conform to our feelings. God says we HAVE forgiveness and that we ARE  justified. So we accept this.

8 thoughts on “God wants to make you right not wrong

  1. Hi pastor Phil.
    Great blog you have! Heard your preaching this w-end on the web as i always do on mondays. You have inspired me to start my own meditations blog namned input!
    Blessings from Sweden

  2. megsychristian

    So if we sin, its ok,sorry but if we feel convicted of sin isn’t it the Holy Spirit to bring us to repentance?

    • Great point. It’s not OK that we sin and ignore it. If we sin we will feel conviction from the Holy Spirit. We need then to repent, confess and forsake sin with a broken heart, and after we have done this we need to move through that doorway into the truth that He has now forgiven and justified us and not allow the accuser to keep us in defeat by reminding us of our sins all the time.

      • megsychristian

        Great. But what if a Christiain keeps sinning (with knowledge). I am praying for someone and wonder if I should talk to them or would they need counselling. Thanks for your replies by the way

  3. Praying for them is your best option. Acts of kindness without preaching can open hearts. Ultimately tho it’s the power of God that brings us to our knees in repentance. Your prayers will eventually win.

    • megsychristian

      Ok, but what if the person is in “denial” or is a sociopath. Praying might be safer…..lol

      Thanks for your advice, God bless

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